The power of being a woman

“Women are able to create continuing change. When you make a woman stronger, you make the world a better place.”

Western history of womanhood is long, and somewhere along the woman lost her power, or it has been taken from her, sometimes by force. Many women carry parts of that ancient hurt in their genes, others don’t know when exactly their power ha been taken from them. During women’s day, we offer you the chance to remember your force and reconnect with it.

The horses we work with are very sensitive and can show you what is holding you back from getting to the core of your womanhood. Horses react to what’s really there and, though body language, they show you what you really need.

Do others see you the way you want to be seen, do you subconsciously show what you consciously want or do you attract the wrong people? Horses symbolize power, intuition, sensitivity and sexuality. All characteristics Mother Nature has given you, as a woman.

Are you able to recognize, acknowledge and appropriate all these important aspects of being a woman like sensitivity, intuition and sexuality? Get in touch with all these aspects of being a woman and experience how to integrate them during women’s day.

We can also play out arrangements during this day. These arrangements are set up starting from a shamanistic background, in order to involve the energy of your forefathers and the system you belong to. It is possible that your mother and/or grandmother, or even your great-grandmother(s) lost their power and that you are carrying that around in your “blueprint”. When that is the case, it can be revealed in the arrangement. This arrangement can also be used to get your force back.
On this women’s day, we can share with each other and really listen. There’s all the space for your own wisdom and for being who you want to be.

We want to give you a safe environment, where the original intention is felt: we are precious and special. A day to enjoy. A day to really feel powerful and free.

Sunday august 20 – 2023:  Dutch- English spoken
Location: Holistisch centrum Demaesberg – Harderwijkerweg 2 – Arnhem
Participants: starting from 16 years
Timing: 10 am to 4.30 pm
Price: 185,-€ including lunch, coffee, tea
Subscriptions:  whats app 0031 6 11 56 66 55