Teacher-Training Intensive “Shamanic Horse Empowerments”

7-days- Intensive 2023
Intensive Shamanic coaching with horses
September 3 – 10 2023

This 7-day is a powerful upgrade of all my previous year-cources, in which you learn to collaborate intuitively and shamanically with horses in “the knowing field”. Learning how to guide people yourself is central to this.

What you will learn during this magical journey:

*Activating your original self, in connection with the horses and THE universal intelligence.

*Knowledge, understanding and insight of who we are and our relationship to all that is.

* You will gain insight into how everything is intertwined on an earthly and quantum level and how you can use and deploy this for the good of ourselves and the greater whole. How you can manifest everything from your infinite potential.

*Getting old programs and beliefs clear, so that you can rewrite and reprogram them.

* Learn to read the horse’s body language and energy and adjust to it.

*Connection with your own essence and learn to guide 1 on 1 horse coach reinforcements from there.

* Learning to perceive and read different dimensions at the same time (physical, mental, systemic)

* Heart-brain coherence: 100 percent intuitive perception/reliance on the information from the intelligent field.

* Learn to guide shamanic constellations, ceremonies and rituals. * Take our place on Earth and activate our cosmic task.

During these 7 days, 2 practice sessions with volunteers are also planned, so you can immediately practice the knowledge you have gained in a safe setting.

For whom:
* This intensive is for everyvbodywho are aware that the time has now come

to rise and realize themselves.

* Those who know or want to know what is really going on beyond the illusion of this matrix/reality.

* Realizing that “the little self” is part of a universal we.
* Who know NOW IT’S TIME TO LIVE from our true potential
*From Sunday evening October 30 to Sunday 6 november 5 pm , 2022 Investment:

* The 7-day – 1570 euros – (lunch inclusive/stay exclusive)
There is a possibility for overnight stay 15 euros/night and lunch 15 euros/day
If you want to stay the whole week, you can use the kitchen and fridge for free.