Welcome to Bitless And More


“Horses and the power of nature”
Learning from and working with horses
Horses in this new era of spiritual awakening

“Horses have the special gift that they can bring you back to who you really are, back to your heart.”

We, Bitless And More, love to create opportunities where people and horses can meet each other (again). We use the power of nature and the intuition of horses to raise awareness and create healing to achieve a better world for both, people and horses.

We do this in the form of often highly customized workshops, in which we often work with (family) constellations and individual coaching.

Bitless and More can give private or public demonstrations on request in stables, riding schools or other places where people and horses meet.

Bitless and More is based in The Netherlands, but all workshops, demonstrations and individual trainings can also be booked abroad and come with an English or French translator included.

Are you interested in a demonstration or workshop for you and your horse, community or group; either at your own space or maybe at a riding school nearby? Would you like to know more about what the possibilities are for a customized workshop?


Then please contact us via the contact form for more information.