“Spiritual Women-Retrait Portugal” 09 -16 october 2018 ( Dutch-English)

Follow the call of the horses: They will meet you when you are ready!

Who’s joining us at the beautiful Portuguese vinca (

Together with other like-minded souls we will embark on a journey in which horses, nature, connecting, happiness and joy will be the key elements.

Who should join us?
We can welcome 10 participants. Join us, if you…
– are interested in learning to reconnect with yourself, nature and horses.
– have the urge to make a ‘real’ connection with horses.
– are interested in personal growth.
– want to become aware of where your talents and passion lies.
– want to get moving towards your passions and dreams.
– wants to learn to work with or coach with horses.
– feel that you are at a turning point in your life.

Program of the intensive workshop week in Faia

What are you going to do that week?
– Zen meditation between the herd of horses.
– Learn the body language, behavior and psychology of the horse.
– Develop personal leadership Learn to work / coach with horses.
– Nature constellations and shamanistic ceremonies.
– Sweat lodge

What does a typical day during this week look like?

We start (for the fans) with a Zen meditation in nature. Then we go for breakfast.
After breakfast we go out to work with each other’s personal topics and get to know the horses and ourselves a little better.
Practical exercises and theoretical information about horses in the new era will be given. This is followed by lunch, during which we can sit outside on the terrace.


At the end of the day we dine together. Afterwards there is free time to do whatever pleases you. That could be retreating in your canvas lodge or in the beautiful environment, or sit cosily together with a glass of wine or juice. Doesn’t that sound like a lovely ending to an intensive day?

It promises to be an amazing, mindblowing week of raised consciousness in which we will experience connection with all that is! Joy and happiness will be the key! :-)

A magical place…
I discovered this place during a road trip vacation in Portugal, where I experienced it as a very powerful place!!

Costs for this week include:
Working with the horses the whole week
Full board:
All meals and drinks during the week are included (except alcoholic beverages).
Please let us know ahead what your wishes are.
Luxury canvas lodge accommodation:
You will stay in a lodge  based on 2-3 people per  lodge or in a tree-house,

Costs for one week all inclusive programme: 1085.- € per person.

NB: Not included are your travel costs to the vinca.
You can travel either by plane (faro) or private transportation.
Upon registration, you will receive more information about the travel options available.

To register, please ill in the contact form.


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