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KOSMIC EMPOWERING  Heart-brain coherence march 31 2023

This new, special workshop gives a lot of insight into how we can look at the world and therefore how we can make the choice to change our perception and, ultimately, our vibration.  Make this experience of possibilities your own and let it be an invitation to become even more aware of who you really are and that life already gives you everything you need to be satisfied. During this workshop day we make contact with our true essence of joy, wisdom and inner freedom. We will work in small groups, so that there is room to address each person’s individual “essence”.

What to expect from this workshop  

Maybe you are already feeling that the earth is vibrating at a higher frequency. But are you ready to step out of the Matrix (the imaginary reality, the dreamed dream) and go along with these new frequencies?
In a world so full of fear, frenzy and doom scenario’s: How do you make sure you don’t let all these images and stories around destruction, fear, war, ego and the feeling of separation bring you down?

How do you choose a green, joyful place where abundance and happiness are omnipresent and where everyone lives together in harmony?
How can you activate your light body and the health DNA of your body?
How do you connect with the infinite source of joy, wisdom and inner knowing?
What frequency do you choose and how do you achieve it?

You no longer have to look for all this knowledge and answers outside yourself… all answers are already waiting to be found inside you. This workshop invites you to contact your inner wisdom and receive guidance from your essence and to connect with it. We choose and create a new earth together, in connection with each other, the horses, nature and everything that lives in it.

Does this resonate with you? Then I hope to meet you soon to walk the path of joy and conscious choices together!


Join us on
Location: Holistic Centre De Maesberg, Harderwijkerweg 2, 6816 VA Arnhem – Netherlands
Participants: Adults and young adults from the age of 14.
Time: 10:30 to 16:00 hrs.
A maximum of 8 people can participate in this workshop.
Costs: € 135,- p.p. – Inclusive vegetarian lunch
Sign up: via contact form on this website; Or Call/ whats app  Kendres at:0031 (0)6-11566655