Alchemy of Sacred Sound & Healing Rites with horse Empowerments

Retreat of Healing Sound and Shamanic Sacred Rites,
with the spices of TaoTantric Arts
Neetherlands – Arnhem, 
De Nieuwe Maesberg -community with 30 horses.
From august 25.till 27, or from august 25 till 30 
Exceptional experience.
With GONGMUSE Mojca Morya – Surana,
20 years experience of sharing wisdom of Sacred Sound & Ancient Rites of Heart Consciousness.
She will guide us into Healing Sound of Himalayan Singing Bowls, Shamanic Drum, Voice in the Horse Herd.
who has been for 20 years coaching people in holistic empowerment trough deep connection with free horses, using shamanic tools of wheel of life, “work” with ancestors….,as well ritual contellations, all of these “in the herd of 35 horses”.
She is transitioning to living on prana.
This is treasurable experience of a Life time!
Honest, I would wish that each and every human Being have opportunity to experience it.
“We had been Dreaming with Horses, long ago.
Visions of Sacred, for all expressions of Life on Earth.
We had been Dancing with Horses, long ago.
Ecstatic bodies, expressing Joy of Life…
Our heartbeats as One.
We had been the Portals between Heaven and Earth,
the World Bridgers, Co-Creators of the Tree of Life.
The Call for Re-Union is Here.
The Time is Now.”
Are You with Us?

Horses are emotional, soulful animals, which carry powerful medicine.
A horse’s heart electromagnetic field is five times larger then ours.
It influence our heart rhythm and emotions, as soon we are next to them.
Researches prove that interacting with horses have amazing health benefits on humans.
As well, it decrease stress levels, reduce feelings of tension, anxiety, anger…, while increase feelings of empowerment, patience and trust.
Horses intuitively read our emotions and our body language.
They always care about weaker members of the herd, as the herd is only as strong, as strong is the weakest member.
The moment we step into the field of the horse herd, we are one with the herd.
They come and interact with us exactly as we need at the particular moment.
They are committed and willing to help; for example to breath into our weak part of the body for as long as it would be needed.
They are communicating with us in the way which serves to our empowerment on all the levels of our existance.
Arrival: Friday 25th August by 7.30pm
You can arrive  earlier if needed.
Departure: either Monday 28th or Wednesday 30th August
HOW TO REACH  to the venue?
Airports: Eindhoven or Amsterdam
From Amsterdam to Arnhem:
*  Flix bus for 8 EUR, 4 times per day, journey takes around 1,5 hour
* train is running each half an hour until very late night, it costs 33 EUR and takes 1 hour
EARLY BIRD PRICE for reservations before July 31st:
330 EUR only, including
* retreat from Friday evening to Sunday late afternoon
* sleeping 3 nights in a spacious yoga room
550 EUR, including
* retreat from Friday evening to Wednesday morning
* sleeping 5 nights in a spacious yoga room